Welcome to Prospecting 101!

Business development reps are the frontline of any sales team. You’re the first people to actually talk one-to-one with your audience. You’re a vital part of the organization and essential to its success.

While there is an art to prospecting that you’ll develop over time, we want to equip you with some of the tactical elements to help you become an effective and efficient sales professional.

Prospecting 101 covers everything you need to know from understanding your buyer, finding decision makers, cold calling best practices, making stronger connections with prospects and more.
    1. Welcome to Prospecting 101

    2. How to use this course

    1. Knowing Your Buyer’s World

    2. Check Your Progress: Knowing Your Buyer’s World

    3. Buyer Persona Template

    1. Find the Right Decision Makers

    2. Check Your Progress: Find the Right Decision Makers

    3. Get Access To RevDriver

    4. Master Selling to the Top: How to Deal with the C-Suite

    1. Chapter 4: Introduction

    2. Diving Deeper

    3. Don’t Know How to Start Conversing with Prospects? Try Sales Sequencing

    4. The Top Five Modern Outbound Plays for Next-Level Sales

    5. Check Your Progress: Introduction

    1. Chapter 4B: Cold Calling

    2. Ditch Manual Dialing, Unleash the Power of Power Dialing in Outbound Campaigns

    3. Best Data Practices for High Velocity Cold-calling

    4. Check Your Progress: Cold Calling

    1. Chapter 4C: Emailing

    2. How to Drive a 27% Reply Rate from Cold Outreach Using Data and Automation

    3. Replace Your COLD Emailing with Data-Driven Emailing

    4. Sales Prospecting Email Templates

    5. Check Your Progress: Emailing

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